Professional Indemnity

"Protection 24/7 and personal atention is the best."

Camilla Strongbow


Professional Indemnity

Cover yourself against claims of alleged negligence, error and omissions by taking a professional indemnity cover.

Scope of the cover

Financial Protection (legal fees, cost of defending claims and any damages payable) in the event that clients suffer financial loss as a result of negligence/ nonprofessional acts.
Alleged wrongful or negligent advice.
Breach of Professional Duty.
Loss of documents.
Breach of confidentiality.
Cost of disciplinary hearings.


Legal costs and expenses – as part of the cover and within the limit of Indemnity incurred relating to the defense or settlement of a claim.
Loss of documents – any liability to third parties arising from destruction, damage or loss of any documents and/or computer records and reasonable costs and expenses incurred in replacing and/or restoring such documents.
Libel & slander – written or spoken comments/details about a third party.
Dishonest acts of any employee of the insured.
Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy. Consultants, Sub-Contractors and agents.
Incoming and outgoing partners.
Intellectual property.



Any negligence/omission that goes beyond the scope of the professional
The excess/deductible applicable to the policy. ​
Claim filed by any partner, employee, spouse against the insured under the
Bodily injury arising out of and in course of employment.​
Political violence and terrorism.

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