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KMA Sacco Success Stories

Dr. Vitalice Ogala

Dental Surgeon, Royal Dental Clinic

Joined the KMA Sacco in 2011, immediately after graduating from The University of Nairobi with a degree in Dental Surgery. He was Dental intern in Kenyatta National Hospital at that time when he became one of KMA Sacco’s active members. Dr. Ogola has consistently saved ever since his internship up to now.

The Sacco has been in every step of Dr. Ogola’s development track record both personally and in his career as a dental practitioner.

“I acquired my first development loan of one million Kenya Shillings to start a dental practice in Kisumu in 2012.” Said Dr. Ogola

His dental practice, Royal Dental Clinic started from humble beginnings immediately after Dr. Ogola finished his internship. Since then, through KMA Sacco, the practice has grown from strength to strength.

“I later applied for another development loan soon after that helped me acquire two dental chairs and expand the clinic. After a year, I applied for another development loan to expand the facility and buy four other dental chairs and other dental equipment.” He adds.

Dr. Ogola’s dental practice now boasts of 15 employees to date, and his plans to grow, not just the practice and expand his business ideas and creating more employment are not yet over.

“KMA Sacco has helped me start a hotel in Kisumu called Dover Hotel through a swift development loan. I have 10 employees currently and I will definitely expand it in the near future.” He says.

Dr. Ogola advises his fellow doctors to not wait until it is too late to start having a saving mentality and culture.

“I call on my fellow doctors to start saving as early as during their internship so as to pull up funds to start businesses and later expand the facilities with no struggle.” He says, borrowing from his own personal experience. “I highly recommend doctors to invest in KMA Sacco and those who have not joined should join like yesterday.”

Dr. Vitalice Ogola’s success story through KMA Sacco is a true testament to what a saving culture and an accessible credit facility can do to transform one’s career and personal growth.


Dr.Anne Mungai

She is a Public health specialist working at KNH.

“I joined KMA RNWDT Sacco in 2004 when a colleague told me about the Sacco. I transferred my shares from another Sacco due to multiple frustrations. We had minimal savings morale as development loans would be given at double the savings and emergency loans would take over a month to process.” Dr.Anne Mungai said.

“KMA RNWDT Sacco was a young, welcoming and vibrant Sacco with a lot of member education sessions, at individual and group level. This improved my saving culture and have never looked back.” Dr.Anne Mungai added.

In 2008, Dr.Anne Mungai , through the Sacco took a development loan to purchase a plot in Eastlands Nairobi with a hope of getting into real estate later. Construction started in 2010 with support of serial Sacco development loans, as she did one floor at a time. Over a period of seven years, a 6-story building was completed. During the same period, in 2013, Dr.Anne Mungai got an opportunity to purchase an apartment by mortgage through the NSSF Tenant Purchase Scheme and using funds from KMA RNWDT Sacco she committed herself. The monthly remission for the mortgage started in 2014, but it became overwhelming for Dr.Mungai and it literally choked her since she had an ongoing construction loan. Dr.Mungai approached KMA RNWDT Sacco for personalized financial advice. The result was a refinance loan at the Sacco that provided her with cash to clear the mortgage and accommodate the construction loan, maintaining the same total monthly remission.

‘’This was my greatest financial breakthrough experience with KMA RNWDT Sacco.” Said Dr.Mungai “I also believe am a risk taker, while I had money at hand to sort the mortgage, another opportunity to purchase another plot came knocking. I couldn’t miss it! I bought it with part of the mortgage funds in 2014. So, the mortgage and construction were completed in 2017 courtesy of KMA Sacco.” Added Dr.Mungai

Dr.Mungai then took a break to boost her shares in readiness for construction of the second plot where she secured an Equity Release loan at the Sacco to support a major family engagement.

“In 2020, I prayed it be my year of blessings, and it became. I took my largest ever Sacco loan for construction of the second plot as construction regulations had changed and the strategy that worked for the first plot was outlawed. I was able construct a 6-storey building in one year three months. I thank
God and the Sacco for this far.” Said Dr.Mungai

“In the mix of all these development journey, I perfected the art taking almost all other loan packages at KMA Sacco. This included emergency loans, school fees loans, group insurance cover, car loan and utilizing the fixed deposit account facility that has competitive interest rate than any bank among others.” said Dr.Mungai

“I am so proud to be affiliated with KMA Sacco. The latest has been a balancing act of refinancing my Midterm loan, adding my dividend proceeds and my perennial emergency loan to set up a 1.5 acre Dragon Fruit farm with a borehole as a retirement project. It’s done.” added Dr.Mungai.


Dr. Gordon Peter Yossa

He has been a member of KMA RNWDT Sacco since 2002.

“I joined as a formality as i was a senior member of KMA then. I have been saving consistently in the Sacco deposit savings account and enjoy the fact that the account can be topped up regularly. I also operate a long standing fixed deposit savings account which earns me competitive interest.” Said Dr.Yossa

“I applied for my first loan at the end of 2002 and payment was by a bank standing order with remittances every month from my bank account. At completion of payment i.e. (2yrs), the Group CEO of KMA RNWDT Sacco advised me to continue with the standing order for my monthly savings, so i left it on to date. Since then I have applied several loan facilities which has aided in my financial goals. I am currently servicing a loan that has enabled me to pay my part of 1yr 6 months arrears for our second residence. ” added Dr.Yossa

“The loan processing is faster now and funds transfer effected within 48 hrs. I have also guaranteed my development oriented colleagues nearing 10 to enable them access loan facilities with the Sacco. Dividends and interest is also sufficient to support my physical presence at Scientific Conferences and holidays.” Adds Dr.Yossa

Dr.Yossa enjoys exemplary customer service from the Office i.e. prompt answer to phone calls, regular updates and most up-to-date office structures with welcoming efficient reception.

Dr.Yossa’s spouse was taken ill which inevitably the hospital bills went very high. He was left to service the bills a whole year with his salaries/renumerations to clear that. Dr.Yossa then liquidated his fixed deposit savings account in order to survive throughout that year.

“ Thank you KMA Sacco for the support you have accorded me through the years despite not having an office in Mombasa. We also appreciate the sanitizers and desk calendars offered by the Sacco at regional level as part of the CSR program and marketing program.” Thanked Dr.Yossa.



He joined KMA RNWDT Sacco Ltd in 2013 and he has since been an active member of the Sacco “I never knew about TIBA Insurance Agencies the insurance arm of the Sacco that is 99% owned by the Sacco until June 2021 when I needed a car insurance. I took the motor insurance cover through Tiba Ins.
and they have since been acting as my agent.’’ Said Dr.Cosmas

Dr.Cosmas was once involved in an accident and Tiba Ins fully followed up on the claim until he was fully compensated. He has additionally taken professional indemnity cover and he intend on investing in our Money market scheme through Sanlam as well as the medical cover for his parents. Dr.Cosmas recommends Tiba Insurance to his fellow doctors as it offers insurance covers at the comfort of their work station and is reliable.

“I would recommend Tiba Ins that has partnered with the leading insurance companies to be your preferred Insurance partner as they help you save time during claim processing, notifies you when the cover is almost due for renewal, customer service is top notch, their premium is competitive and they offer premium financing.” Said Dr.Cosmas the happy client.


Dr. Peter Umara Marenya

Radiologist, Jamu Imaging Centre Ltd

Dr. Peter Umara Marenya has been a member of KMA RNWDT Sacco for over twenty (20) years. “It has been a worthwhile financial partnership.” said Dr.Marenya
Dr. Peter Umara Marenya runs a standalone radiology Centre at Jamu Imaging Centre in Mombasa and is in partnership with several Medical Centers and Hospitals including Kijabe Mission Hospital, Consolata Kyeni Hospital, Pope Benedict Nyahururu, Premier Hospital Mombasa, Halisi Hospital Kitengela, Ukunda
Medical, Ganjoni Hospital and Mewa Hospital all in Mombasa where he has placed the imaging machines.

“KMA RNWDT Sacco has helped me in many circumstances to get the financial assistance I required to buy radiology equipment and the spares required to make my business continue and flourish. Just last month in April I needed to replace a tube for one of my CT scan machines. Given how expensive the tube was, I approached KMA for a development loan and I was able to import the tube without delays and restore my machine to good working condition.” He adds.

Dr. Peter Umara Marenya appreciates the fact that loans are processed in a timely manner and disbursed without delays and members also receive their dividends on time.

“I would recommend KMA RNWDT Sacco to all doctors, it will help them embrace a saving culture and enable them have access to loans which will help them improve and expand their business franchises.” advised Dr.Marenya.


Dr. Jane Okongo Oloo

“What a ride it has been. I joined KMA RNWDT Sacco then when it was a small Sacco with big dreams. And those dreams have been fulfilled. KMA Sacco have supported me and many other medics for most of our careers. You have been a blessing to me.” Said Dr. Jane Oloo

“I would encourage young doctors and other medical staff to join the Sacco that understands us, and which treats us with respect and dignity.” added Dr. Jane Oloo

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