KMA Sacco Success  Stories

Dr. Vitalice Ogala

Dental Surgeon, Royal Dental Clinic

Joined the KMA Sacco in 2011, immediately after graduating from The University of Nairobi with a degree in Dental Surgery. He was Dental intern in Kenyatta National Hospital at that time when he became one of KMA Sacco’s active members. Dr. Ogola has consistently saved ever since his internship up to now.

The Sacco has been in every step of Dr. Ogola’s development track record both personally and in his career as a dental practitioner.

“I acquired my first development loan of one million Kenya Shillings to start a dental practice in Kisumu in 2012.” Said Dr. Ogola

His dental practice, Royal Dental Clinic started from humble beginnings immediately after Dr. Ogola finished his internship. Since then, through KMA Sacco, the practice has grown from strength to strength.

“I later applied for another development loan soon after that helped me acquire two dental chairs and expand the clinic. After a year, I applied for another development loan to expand the facility and buy four other dental chairs and other dental equipment.” He adds.

Dr. Ogola’s dental practice now boasts of 15 employees to date, and his plans to grow, not just the practice and expand his business ideas and creating more employment are not yet over.

“KMA Sacco has helped me start a hotel in Kisumu called Dover Hotel through a swift development loan. I have 10 employees currently and I will definitely expand it in the near future.” He says.

Dr. Ogola advises his fellow doctors to not wait until it is too late to start having a saving mentality and culture.

“I call on my fellow doctors to start saving as early as during their internship so as to pull up funds to start businesses and later expand the facilities with no struggle.” He says, borrowing from his own personal experience. “I highly recommend doctors to invest in KMA Sacco and those who have not joined should join like yesterday.”

Dr. Vitalice Ogola’s success story through KMA Sacco is a true testament to what a saving culture and an accessible credit facility can do to transform one’s career and personal growth.