Board Member Position Nominees

Dr.Riro Mwita - MBChB, Mmed (UON).

He is a distinguished Consultant Physician at Kiambu Level 5 Hospital, internship coordinator at Kiambu Level 5 hospital and an honorary lecturer at Kenyatta University College of Health Sciences. With an impressive medical background, holding both MBChB and MMed degrees from the University of Nairobi, Dr. Riro has made significant contributions to the healthcare field.
A dedicated member of KMA RNWDT Sacco for the past 15 years, Dr. Riro currently serves as a member of the Credit and Recoveries Committee. His commitment to the Sacco's growth and success is evident in his previous roles, having served on the Education and Marketing Committee. Dr. Riro brings extensive experience in mobilization and marketing, playing a crucial role in enhancing visibility and awareness of the Sacco and its products. He has also played an instrumental role in mentoring young doctors, educating them about the importance of savings.
Key Achievements

1.Doubling of Asset Base: Dr. Riro has played a pivotal role in doubling the asset base since joining the Board, showcasing his strategic financial acumen.

2.Reduced Turn around Time: Through his leadership, there has been a notable reduction in the turnaround time for loan processing, streamlining and improving members’ experience.

3.Growth in Membership: Driven by his passion for the Sacco, Dr. Riro has actively contributed to the growth in membership, expanding the reach and impact of KMA RNWDT Sacco.

Dr. Riro has unmatched passion and dynamism for KMA RNWDT Sacco.

Dr. Mercy Korir - MBChB, MA (Comms), MBA

She is an accomplished award-winning Medical Doctor, Business Development and Communication Executive, recognized for her expertise in health journalism and strategic communications. Her multifaceted background, combining medical expertise with communication and business development acumen, positions her as a versatile and impactful professional in the healthcare and media sectors. A Fellow of the International Centre for Journalists, she is also an Awardee of The Presidential Order of Service Award – Uzalendo Award (2020) for her pivotal media role in Kenya during the Covid19 Pandemic.
Currently serving as the Business Development Manager at AAR Hospital, Nairobi, she is responsible for enhancing brand awareness and revenue growth where she develops and implements comprehensive business development, marketing, and public relations strategies. Her achievements include formulating revenue growth plans, establishing strategic partnerships, and leading branding initiatives.
Prior to her current position, Dr. Korir played a pivotal role at The Standard Group PLC, where she served as the Editor and Team Lead of the Health & Science Desk, where she revolutionized the media landscape by establishing the first-ever Multimedia Health and Science Desk. Her notable accomplishments include conceptualizing high-quality content for TV, radio, and digital platforms, hosting TV health shows, and amplifying revenue growth through strategic partnerships.
In addition to her medical qualifications, Dr. Korir holds a Masters in Business Administration with a focus on Finance and Marketing, a Master of Arts in Communication Studies among other specialized trainings in leadership and journalism. She actively engages in community service and holds leadership positions.
Proud Milestones
1. Membership: Through innovative ways, Dr Korir has led the Sacco to double its membership in numbers, reduce member dormancy rate from 30% to 10% and also the uptake of products by members. Key in this is the introduction of student-centred activities in Medical, Pharmacy and Dental schools across Kenya; and who eventually become Sacco members upon graduation.
2. Product Enhancement: Dr. Korir has been instrumental in introduction and enhancement of Sacco products such as the Home Loan and Flexi Development Loans, in addition to cross-selling and upselling of Sacco and Tiba insurance products to members.
3. Brand Recognition: Through her leadership, there has been an improvement in KMA Sacco brand recognition and loyalty among its members and stakeholders in the Sacco movement.
Next Strategy:
1. Full implementation and optimisation of KMA Sacco's digitisation strategy which includes instant update of member account, dividends disbursement and issuance of Mobi Loan Product.

2. Improved customer experience through the innovative digital banking experience, providing financial education, offering personalized services, and actively seeking and incorporating customer feedback to adapt and improve your services

3. To boost loan uptake by streamlining the application processes, communicating transparently about terms and conditions, and offer competitive interest rates in addition to relooking at improving current repayment options for members.

Dr. David Atandi - MBChB, Mmed

He is a consultant Anatomic pathologist with a bachelor’s degree from Nairobi University and Master of Medicine from the Aga Khan University. He has a distinguished career marked by extensive experience and contributions both in the private and public space. Having been a dedicated member of the SACCO for the past decade, his patronage and commitment reflects a deep-rooted understanding of the SACCO’s ethos.

A notable facet of the involvement in the Sacco is the pivotal role within the inaugural elections vetting committee of 2023 where he demonstrated keen judgment and thorough scrutiny in assessing potential candidates. His voluntary role underscores his commitment to ensuring the Sacco’s integrity and adherence to high standards. Prior to this he served as a key mobilizer in membership recruitment in 2013 having been a student’s representative for the graduating class. He was instrumental in pioneering the SACCO’s entry into digital social networks as he ran online campaigns to onboard new members.

His professional journey is marked by a commitment to excellence in the field of pathology, indicating a disciplined and detail-oriented approach that can be translated into effective governance. This position allows day to day interaction with member doctors from all cadres which can be harnessed to amplify member’s participation and critiques in bettering. This aligns with his desire to make the SACCO the cornerstone of wealth creation and financial freedom for all doctors.

Dr. Joseph Mulongo - MBChB, Mmed (UON)

He is a General Surgeon in Nairobi and a fellow in Gastroenterology at the World Gastroenterology Organization. He holds both MBChB and MMed (General Surgery) degrees from the University of Nairobi. Dr. Mulongo has been an active member of the SACCO for years and has witnessed its transformative impact on the lives of members. His journey has instilled in him a deep appreciation for the values of cooperation, community, and financial empowerment. Through the SACCO, he has founded Cornices and Interiors Limited, specializing in manufacturing and building fashionable interiors for clients who desire homes styled with a touch of excellence.

He believes that every voice matters, and his candidacy represents an opportunity to infuse the board with a new, vibrant perspective. Driven by a commitment to listening to members' concerns, understanding their needs, and working tirelessly, he aims to ensure that the SACCO remains a cornerstone of financial well-being for all its members.
Key Focus Areas
1.Member-Centric Approach: Prioritizing the needs and aspirations of our diverse membership.
2.Financial Inclusion and returns: Advocating for inclusive financial practices to benefit all members and ensuring an increase in dividends in accordance with the law/membership guidelines.
3.Transparency and Communication: Fostering an open and transparent line of communication between the board and our valued members.
4.Enhancing the speed of loan approval: This is especially crucial for the emergency loan, to reduce the approval time to within 24 hours.

I am here to listen, learn, and collaborate with each and every one of you. Your support is essential in bringing about the positive changes we envision for our SACCO. Together, let's have leadership with purpose, results with impact. Thank you for considering me as your candidate for SACCO Board Member. I am excited about the opportunity to serve and contribute to our collective success.”

Dr. Brenda Obondo - MBChB, MBA-HLM

She is a Healthcare Executive, Organizational leader, and board member with 10 years of experience in clinical work, healthcare management, and governance. She has served on the Sacco Board Education Committee, making valuable contributions, including: increasing the intern's loan from 50k limit to the current 100k hence supporting young doctors and providing them with financial cushioning at the beginning of their internship. Additionally, she has played a pivotal role in the development of policies, including being the lead developer of the Board Induction Policy that formalized a structured onboarding of new board members, enabling them to settle and provide valuable inputs to decision-making faster. As a champion of good governance.

Dr. Obondo seeks to;
1. See the actualization of a fully digitized loan processing and introduction of mobile loans.
2. ⁠See the implementation of the Customer Relationship Management System with an aim to track and improve customer experience and turn around time for Sacco services.
3. Introduce a whistleblowing policy to further strengthen governance and oversight within our financial institution.

Dr. Victor Njom -MBChB, MMed (Ophthalmology) UON

He is a medical doctor with many years of experience providing top-notch medical services in various Kenyan hospitals. He holds an MBChB and a Master of Medicine (Ophthalmology) from the University of Nairobi. His additional qualifications include an MBA in Healthcare Management, a Certificate in Leadership of High-Performing Healthcare Organizations (LEHHO) from Strathmore University, and completion of the Strategic Leadership Development Programme (SLDP) from KSG.

Dr. Njom currently serves as the Director of Clinical Services at Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral & Research Hospital (KUTRRH). Prior to this role, he held the position of Lecturer in the School of Medicine at Maseno University. His professional journey includes notable roles such as Deputy Chief Administrator and Consultant Ophthalmologist at Coast Provincial General Hospital, Medical Officer at Rift Valley Provincial Hospital in Nakuru, and Medical Officer in charge at Olenguruone Sub District Hospital.

Dr. Njom possesses outstanding interpersonal skills, with a proven track record of establishing positive relationships with clients, fellow medical professionals, and healthcare organizations. His areas of passion encompass teaching, leadership, governance, and change management.

He is a strong believer in ethical leadership and is committed to bringing his leadership/governance experience on board, actively participating in enhancing the financial viability of the Sacco for the ultimate benefit of the owners—THE MEMBERS.

I look forward to effecting positive change to our Sacco.
Vote for change!
Thank you members!

Supervisory Commitee Nominee

Dr. Kiplangat Sigei - MBChB, MSc.Public Health

He is a medical doctor and medical affairs professional with > 10 years’ experience in clinical research as well as the multinational pharmaceutical & medical technology industries. He is currently the Medical Affairs Manager for Anglophone Africa at BioMérieux, a French in vitro diagnostic company, where he is responsible for leading the scientific and medical engagement of the company’s clinical diagnostic portfolio in English speaking countries of East, West and Southern Africa. He has previously worked at the KEMRI- Wellcome Trust Research Programme (KWTRP) in Kilifi as a Research Medical Doctor supporting clinical services and clinical research as well as Novartis Pharmaceuticals as Medical Science Liaison,
Medical Advisor and Head of Medical Affairs. He holds an MBChB degree from University of Nairobi, 2 Post-graduate Diplomas in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene (London) and Global Health - Non-Communicable Diseases (Edinburgh) as well as an MSc in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). Throughout his career, Dr. Sigei’s has been recognized with various accolades including the Business Daily Kenya Top 40 Men Under 40 in 2017.


KMA SACCO draws its strength from the support given by our members, who are both shareholders and customers.

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